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Welcome to Love Sucks.

It started out with a simple paper cut that turned in to something much more. Kagome Minamoto thought her life couldn't get any worse, but when a new student named Juliet Otori enrolls at Midori High, their meeting wasn't that friendly. Every time Kagome gets a little cut, Juliet is always there to lick it up. Kagome thinks Juliet is werid but Juliet has a secret. Juliet's secret is that she's a vampire, who is a addicted to Kagome's blood and Kagome's blood only. Can Kagome keep the vampire's secret or will Juliet be reveal to the entire school? Content: YURI/Shoujo-ai

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Posted by Mini-bleach
March 26th, 2008, 7:59 pm
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New to this site but it looks promising. Anyway, I will update on Saturdays and Wednesday.

If my drawings stinks, well, it's because I'm still practicing on my skills, so please bear with me.

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